A winning combination


"I appreciate the T&M initiative very much. Such multi-disciplinary education can prepare students more effectively for their future role as experts and managers in industry and business"
Herbert Schroeder
Director, Bayer Business Services Asia Pacific

In today's knowledge society, a thorough understanding of technology and sound management skills are essential for success. Those with all-round vision will be the movers and shakers of tomorrow. They will drive forward development locally, nationally and globally. And be able to make a difference to the world at large.

Beyond traditional boundaries
Seeing a problem from different perspectives can ensure creative solutions and the development of applications that change people's lives. Trained to analyze issues from both technological and business viewpoints and equipped with wide-ranging experience of how the world works, T&M students answer the need for innovative vision in the workplace.

Q: Should a CEO be personally technical-savvy?
A: 19% said it was very important
  93% felt CEOs should have at least some familiarity
- Participant Survey, 14th Asia Leadership Forum,
June 2005